The Lion's Den | 2408 E. White Mountain Blvd. Pinetop, AZ 85935 | P.O. Box 2264 | TEL: 928-367-6050

History of The Den

The Den, as you see it today, has a long and interesting history. In 1939 Walsh Mack built a small cafe in Old Pinetop. According to local history, that building was burned down by locals. They were attempting to run his family out of town. Undeterred, however, he became the proprietor of The Dew Drop Inn. He was well known throughout the area both for his stature (standing 6’ 7” tall) work ethic, and his menu. This consisted of hamburgers, chili, BBQ ribs and chicken gumbo. In later years he moved into the current building and opened the Pinetop Cafe & BBQ.

Through the years the name has been changed to The Mellow Mountain, Melting Pot, Harvey’s Wineburger and finally The Lion’s Den. It has seen all walks of life enter its doors. It's spent time as a place you never went after dark to a place you bring your kids for great music and even better burgers. It has seen two fires. A horse falling thru the floor. Poker games in the basement, and in addition, reports of the paranormal. Since Walsh Mack’s opening, the names and owners may have changed but what we now call 'The Den' has always been a place that locals and visitors alike can come together. Serving great food, a cold glass of beer and live entertainment.

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